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RIAA Gets Another Great Idea

You know, its almost humorous (RIAA doesn’t want you recording digital radio): But over the long term, the music industry says, Congress should find a way to regulate these new digital radio networks so labels can get paid when consumers keep copies of songs, as is the case with iTunes “We’ve got to find a […]

Washington Doesn’t Want You to Have Fast and Cheap Broadband

Lawrence Lessig writes: So while it is true that we have had both: (a) common carrier like regulation applied to the Internet, and (b) basically no effective regulation applied to the Internet and it is true that we have had both: (c) fast, fierce competition to provide Internet service and (d) just about the worst […]

New Year: New Blog, New Projects

My first post for the new year is also the first post in several months. Whew! I seem to like this blogging thing in quick bursts. I’m posting regularly for a couple weeks, and then I get busy and neglet the site for a long dry spell. I have not been sitting idle, however, and […]

Going Out of Your Way for the Customer is a GOOD Thing People

It’s 12:00. I’m hungry, with $20 in my pocket. The choice between walking home to make a sandwich and stopping by to get some pizza really isn’t a choice. I take the short walk to a pizza place across from campus. Never been there before, but I’ve heard good things about it. Might as well […]

Why American Bathrooms are Poorly Designed (especially compared to the Japanese)

I live in a decent size two bedroom apartment. It’s not the most exciting design, and only having windows on one side of the apartment is a drag. But I really have nothing to complain about. Nothing, that is, except for the bathroom. First of all, the bathroom is entirely too small compared to the […]

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