sub specie aeternitatis

Can’t Think of Anything to Say? Plop Down Some Barber.

Can’t think of anything of interest to write, so have some lovely Samuel Barber instead. This is the last minute of the first movement of his violin concerto. It’s oh so yummy. Download Audio: Samuel Barber – Violin Concerto

Why Can’t They Do it Right the First Time?

Two weeks ago, a problem we’ve had in the apartment went from bad to worse. We had been experiencing problems with the power in the apartment, in which the power in certain (or all) rooms of the apartment would dim and flicker for around 10 seconds at a time. This, of course, is annoying but […]

Want to Get Rid of Spyware? Switch Your OS.

I was skiming through the latest issue of PC World at the library and had some thoughts about their cover story on spyware/malware/internet security in general. The author(s) of the main stories did a fine job of describing the sad state of affairs when it comes to the prevalance of malware found on so many […]

I’m Thinking of you Charles

I came home from work this evening, and you popped into my head again Charles. I can’t believe you left us 2 1/2 hears ago already. 21 is too young to go for such a talented, kind, and fun person. I haven’t forgotten all those good times we had playing computer games, discussing electronic music, […]

Online Job Applications Are a Waste of Time

I’ve been looking for a second job for part time in the mornings, and several places I’ve wanted to apply to only accept online appliations. This can be done in the store, or at home, but either way, most require ridiculous amounts of time because of hordes of questions such as: I enjoy meeting new […]

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