sub specie aeternitatis

Find the Dog, Get Back Your Girlfriend

This is a missing dog poster that was up right next to my apartment this morning. For some reason I found it amusing: Looking For a Dog I’m looking for a dog (named Boomer) lost almost one year ago around this region. He is a black lab with some white color on the neck, as […]

Creationism (aka I.D) and Evolution Side by Side?

This is a great piece from the Guardian on why schools shouldn’t teach “both sides” of the origin debate. The argument the ID advocates put, such as it is, is always of the same character. Never do they offer positive evidence in favour of intelligent design. All we ever get is a list of alleged […]

Grad School Here I Come

You know what is so nice about going to school again? Being surrounded by fellow music geeks. When you’ve studied for years on any given subject, it is always fun to converse with fellow geeks on aspects of your subject that most people would find too difficult to follow. And after spending a year teaching […]

All Moved In

Whew! You never really know how much junk you have until you move. It never looks like there is that much stuff stuffed in your home until you actually start taking everything out and putting it in boxes. But it is now semi-neatly in its place in the new apartment, and while things are still […]


3 days until we move. Things are starting to get packed, services switched, cancelled, or ordered. I have ordered DSL at the new apartment, but will likely take several days after we move in to be up and working, so my internet access may be down for a little bit. In the meantime, enjoy some […]

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