sub specie aeternitatis

Xander – Track 06

This is a song by my late friend Xander Smith. I got it off of a CD he gave me a few years back, and I am not sure of the title since it was an audio CD. I simply know it as Track 06. Download Audio: Xander – Track 06

A Little Morning Rain Shower

Looking through old recordings I’ve done, I found one I don’t believe I’ve published here. This is at least a year old, recorded in the morning while it was gently raining. Download Audio:

Random Playlists Truly Random?

There was a slight buzz a few months ago with pieces even in the New York Times about the iPod or iShuffle playing favorites with your playlists. Most all of these stories said somewhere that, just like flipping a coin, you may end up with 10 heads or 3 Sibelius symphonies in a row, but […]

Forget the compact, how about a big rig?

In any state, if a person in under 25, he either is not allowed to rent a car at all, or must pay an under 25 fee. I’m not sure precisely why this is, but my guess would be for insurance purposes. But, if a person is over 21 years of age, he can walk […]

Unreliable Broadband

I’m moving in 2 weeks, and my wife and I are going through the typical pre-move checklist. This involves packing, change of address forms, notifying friends and family of new address, and of course, finding new utility providers such a phone, cable, power, water, and internet provider. Although we will have to change to new […]

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