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Can YOU hear the difference?

If you have any sort of collection of digital music on your computer, or bought any music online, or ripped CDs, then I am sure you are well aware of lossy codecs and read articles and comments on competing codes and why various codecs in different settings are far superior to others. I do not […]

Back Again

Whew. 4 months since my last post. Let’s see if I update any more frequently from now on. MSN recently launched a map/satellite service to rival Google Maps. There has been much hoopla over Google maps and the subsequent release of MSN’s version as well. I’ve noticed, however, that while Google maps may be a […]

As I Survey the Fruity Cross

I may not be good at finishing musical projects I start, but even what I don’t complete is still something created. The hour I spent plugging and tweaking this old hymn into Fruity Pro produced something far greater than an hour spent playing video games or pointless online banter. Not that I don’t like video […]

I’m Not Sure Bach Would Approve

The file attached to the end of this post is the worst realization of a Bach song ever. Know what’s worse than that? I created it. Just let this be a warning: never mix Bach midi files, Fruity Loops, and boredom, for the results can be unbelievably cheesy. Thank god Bach’s music is in the […]

High Gas Prices Aren’t All Bad

Now don’t get me wrong: I don’t like paying more for a full tank of gas. But when more people start having serious conversations about alternate forms of energy, then the higher prices don’t seem as bad anymore. In fact, part of me laughs every time I see a huge SUV pull up to the […]

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