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Don’t Even Try to Read the News

I never am sure what to believe online on April 1st, so I generally stay away from any news consumption and try to enjoy the jokery. Liquid Water on Mars Top 100 April Fool’s Hoaxes And if you haven’t read the comics today, compare Pearls with Get Fuzzy: Get Fuzzy, April 1, 05 Pearls Before […]

Letter to Online Music Stores

Dear iTunes/Napster/Rhapsody/name your typical online music store/RIAA: I have money in my pocket that I want to spend, legally, on online music. I am your potential customer, cash in hand, ready to plunk it down into your digital stores in exchange for music delivered the way I want it. But there is a problem here. […]

Smokey and Miho

Webjay is great for finding new music you’ve never heard of. Listening to random songs from various playlists, I stumbled on this jewel: Smokey And Miho – Blue Glasses (note to self: it would probably be a good idea to click that lil’ save button once in a while so the draft isn’t lost and […]

Tuesday Evening Links

4 things I found amusing today: 1. Trippy 2.The most 70s music video ever 3.Mike Davidson Wants to give away iShuffles 4. Don’t try to read too many limericks at once, you’ll start trying to read everything else as one too. A flea and a fly in a flue Were imprisoned, so what could they […]

Satisfied in Linux?

I think it was in ’98 that I first tried dabbling in linux. I installed whatever version of Mandrake was out then, but couldn’t get any graphical interface working and trashed it shortly after tiring of the command line. I’ve installed numerous other distros since then, but never stuck with it for various reasons, though […]

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