sub specie aeternitatis


Feeling tense this evening. Needs to relax. Some Couperin might help. Download Audio:Les Bergeries


In a community of around 40,000, new additions such as roads, signals, and especially businesses create much chatter. My town is also growing by leaps and bounds and people like to discuss the ‘progress’ the community is making for its residents. Only, all of this progress is the result of one of two things: new/improved […]

New Home (again)

Updated the name servers for, and I believe everything is up and working. I’m now using wordpress instead of Moveable Type, using the Kubrick theme with a few minor tweaks. I will probably keep it this way for a while, adding a few more minor tweaks n’ changes as I have time. Update:Actually, I […]

Packing my Bags

Think I”m going to play the server swap game. If troubles arise, hopefully they will be shortly ironed out.

RG Studios Videos

I stumbled on RG Studio’s website recently, and loved the animation they created, but was disappointed that they didn’t have all their videos available for download. After googling for a bit, I found their videos for download from a ZDnet Korea site. If you can figure out which link to click on, they’re quite worth […]

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