sub specie aeternitatis

Shewbox Software Roundup 2004

Being a long time computer user, I always find it interesting to see what different software people use to accomplish the same task. If a friend or coworker is showing me something on their computer, I look to see if they use different software than I do for tasks such as internet browsing, office, media […]

Old Military Road, 9am

Several weeks back, I went out searching for a quiet spot to record that was still close to the city limits. It was still somewhat early, around 9am when I was out and about, but finding a spot with little vehicle noise is hard to find. In my recording session, I don’t think I went […]

Keep the oil flowin’ and the money rollin’

From a recent wired article: But it could get much worse. As much as a third of all species will be extinct by 2050 by some estimates, said report co-author Hector Galbraith of Galbraith Environmental Sciences and the University of Colorado at Boulder. Galbraith said he also worries that entire ecosystems are being affected, which […]

MPAA to sue Public Libraries

A recent study funded by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) found that America’s Public Libraries are increasingly costing movie studies millions of dollars in lost sales. According to the report, which was released yesterday, public libraries across America are offering hundreds of top movie titles to its patrons at no cost. Even new […]

Neat Nicene

Religious customs that may seem ordinary to some may seem odd to others. Even between different denominations of Chritians in the U.S, small differences are reason enough for some to stay away from some churches and embrace others. To the unaquainted, some traditions can appear a little odd to just plain, well, silly. I never […]

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