sub specie aeternitatis

It’s my turn

After months of speeches, promises, controversies, and incredible amounts of spinning, it’s finally my turn to have a say in things. Candidates spoke of their own greatness, news personalities and bloggers spoke of the wonders of their personal favorite. Millions upon millions of dollars were spent in the attempt to influence and convince voters nationwide. […]

Tangerine Celtic Cross Dreams

I had some Tangerine Dream and Celtic Cross queued up to play this morning and happened to notice a similarity between TD’s No Man’s Land and CC’s Hicksville. Pointless to notice, perhaps, but interesting nontheless. Download Audio: Tangerine Dream vs. Celtic Cross

Currently Listening To…

I’ve been really into listening to Jean Sibelius’ symphonies recently. This exerpt is from the middle of the final movement of his fifth symphony. Download Audio: Exerpt from Sibelius’ Fifth Symphony

Tuesday Morning Links [10.12.04]

Love your fans, don’t worry about p2p pirates Fibre Internet in Japan gets 10x faster Bush wins the battle of the logos Hard Working George

Intellectual Property Crimes

More legislation is passing through Congress that will surely benefit the big media companies and do nothing for the general public and public domain. Lawrence Lessig has a roundup of the most recent legislation aimed at helping the media companies enact stiffer penalties on those caught stealing intellectual property. One of the most absurd portions […]

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