sub specie aeternitatis

Inside a Nature Reserve

Before you get any grand ideas about this nature reserve allow me to say that the Jewel E. Moore nature reserve on the UCA campus is only 8 acres and surrounded by major roads, so it is hardly a peaceful escape from the always noisy city environment. Therefore, this recording will have automobile noise as […]

Splicing Time: The Presidential Debate

It’s funny how Jim Lehrer would ask a very specific question to the presidential candidates last Tuesday, and both candidates often took their sweet time getting around to answering the question. So I downloaded audio of the debate and had some fun splicing and dicing it to shorten their answers by a good chunk of […]

Tuesday Morning Links

President Bush Singing U2 Acoustic Ecology Soundscape Links

The smell of coffee in the morning.

I am not a coffee drinker. Even with loads of sugar, creamer, milk, whatever, I do not care for coffee at all. But I absolutely do love the smell of it in the morning. So when my wife brews her cup of coffee in the mornings, I love to hang around the coffee pot and […]

There goes mr. choo choo

Anyone who has ever lived even close to a railroad knows just how loud they can be. Even if you discount their 90+ db horn blast, just the sound of these massive machines barreling down the track is enough to disrupt the normal sound flow. This is a one minute snipit of the last bit […]

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