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Music Box Melody

I’ve always found melodies played on a music box haunting for some reason. Especially if played in a quiet room by myself. I’m not sure where this feeling originates, but I love to wind up music boxes and let them play whenever I see them. This music box melody, however, does not quite have the […]

Origin of the CD Sampling Rate

Reading “Essentials of Music Technology” by Mark Ballora, I came across a section that explains one reason why CD Audio has the sampling rate it does, 44.1kHz. I’ll just post the passage here: When digital audio recording began, audio tape was not capable of storing the density of digital signals. The first digital masters were […]

Little Dog, Big Bark

My wife and I live close to campus and we often walk there together for various events (especially since my wife is still a student there for graduate studies). The closest route there is down Robins Street, a rather busy street populated by many noisy and ever so annoying dogs. One in particular is a […]

Sprinkler, not rain

On the same walk I witnessed the sick squirrel, I recorded today’s sound byte of a sprinkler in somebody’s yard. Although it does sound mostly like rain, it was only the sprinkler hitting the trees, sidewalk, and plants. And lest we forget we live in an ever more populated world, you can hear the slightest […]

This is why I don’t have any kids (yet?)

Japan = Good Japanese Food = Very Good Japanese People = Mostly Good Japanese niece crying for her okasan (mother) = Not So Very Good Download Audio: Ryoko Crying

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