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NBC owns the Olympic games

There has been a lot of talk online about NBC’s coverage (or lack thereof) of the 2004 Olympic games in Greece. You see, NBC paid $793 million for the rights to broadcast the Olympics; in fact they are the only U.S media outlet allowed to do so. Of course, since Greece is located on the […]

More better cars

From comes this profound George W. statement: we will have more better cars

Bells, bugs, and air conditioning

It is still peaceful at UCA since students haven’t arrived yet. I was there close to 8pm and the evening bugs were starting their song, along with the constant drone of the huge air conditioners. In this recording the bugs and air conditioning take center stage, while the clock chimes 8pm in the background. UCA […]

If the world’s population were only 100

You may have come across this at some point or another. Someone compressed the human population down to 100 peope to demonstrate ratios of white/nonwhite, christian/nonchristian, male/female, etc. I’m not sure who came up with this originally or the accuracy of the data since several sources tout different statistics, but it does serve its purpose. […]

Polynesian Drum Dance

No tikki tikki ukulele music for you. There’s much more to Polynesian music than the typical tourist-friendly type associated with the south Pacific. Here’s an example: Download Audio: Drum Dance Exerpt

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