sub specie aeternitatis

Big instrument, little mic

My little brother had an organ recital recently, and since there was no recording equipment in the church he played at, I recorded it on my lil’ MD and Sony mic. My poor little mic and MD seemed way too puny to be recording such a huge instrument like a pipe organ (even if it […]

Custom vorbis tag search

One of the things I love about encoding my music into the ogg vorbis format is the use of custom tags, especially for my classical CDs. For example, this file of a movement from Mahler’s 6th symphony has tags labeling the Label of the CD, conductor, and symphony. I just wish there were a way […]

Thunder, no rain

Enjoyed a cool evening with a slew of lightning strikes 2 nights ago, although there was no rain or actual storm. I went outside with my recording equipment to try to record some thunder, but it was infrequent and the wind was picking up, making recording outside difficult. From what I did get, this snipit […]

Spidey Reviews Crayons

And now for a little diversion, Spiderman Reviews Crayons

Roulez Fillettes

I have gobs of gigs of music on my computer and sometimes whilst wondering around in my /music directory I find music that a) I have never heard of before because b) I had no idea I had it I found this in my world/folk directory and am enjoying listening to it at the moment. […]

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