sub specie aeternitatis

Plain Jane Redesign

I think I have most all the kinks out of the redesign. The layout was stolen/adapted from Glish layout techniques page. It may be plain as hell for now, but at least its readable, organized, and easy to navigate. Which is better than I can say for some webpages. UPDATE: guess I should have tested […]

Site Overhaul

Getting ready for a site redesign. If things look funky for a bit, just excuse the dust. It will be back to normal shortly (I hope).

Yet more Birds

What can I say? More recordings of birds, this time in a park near my wife’s parent’s house. Download Audio: More Birds in the Park


My wife’s parents haven’t slept in the same room in years and years. One listen to this recording and you know why. Download Audio: Snoring

Birds in the Morning

Visited my grandmother this past week in southern Indiana. She was recently diagnosed with Parkinson disease and is thinking of moving out of the house she has lived in the last 50 odd years. It is secluded out in the country somewhat, and refreshing to not hear the noise pollution I’m used to. This is […]

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