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Shakuhachi Practice

While taking a walk one afternoon, I heard somebody practicing a shakuhachi, the Japanese traditional bamboo flute. My wife said that she has never heard somebody just practicing this instrument, so it must a have been a stroke of good luck to be passing just as someone was practicing. Unfortunately, as you might guess, it […]

Train Arrival

This was recorded downstairs at Omiya Station. You hear the train station chime, followed by a bit of silence, then the arrival of a train. Suprisingly enough, there are a good number of people present in the train station in this recording, but most of them are very quiet. This was close to peak traveling […]

Busy Omiya

Omiya train station is busy pretty much any day of the week. The weekends, however, are a completely different story. Many more multitudes meander through the hallways, and I decided to stop and capture the busy sounds of the moment. There are no particular conversations or people that stick out of this session, but the […]


My wife and I visited a wonderful traditional hotel and hot springs, but for the life of me I can’t remember exactly where it was located. I’ll have to ask my wife again to find out. Anyways, our hotel was located in a very hilly region and there was a largish stream running right next […]

Lumine Food Section: A Screaming Welcome

This is hands down my favorite recording I made in Japan. I had just purchased a new microphone at a Bic Camera (Sony ECM-MS907) and was browsing around in the food section of a Lumine department store at Omiya Station. Back in the meat section, the workers were cutting the fish and various other meats […]

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