sub specie aeternitatis

Noise Pollution

The town I live in is growing rapidly, which is an all too common occurance in cities around America. Everyone always complains about traffic congestion, and the solution always seems to be to build more, and bigger roads. Sometimes we fail to stop and realize just how much noise pollution we make with our precious […]

30 seconds of Schubert

Loaded my “classical piano” folder into Winamp and put it on random this afternoon. Listening to some Franz Schubert, came across this audio gem and thought it worthwhile to share with others: Download Audio: Schubert Snipit

The Birds

Whenever it starts getting warmer towards spring, or colder towards winter, hoards of birds start migrating around. The big flocks of black birds, or whatever kind of birds they are, usually annoy people (especially homeowners) because of the way the kind of take over their yards. There is a little bit of wooded area behind […]

Arkansas Hall Soundtrack: Arkansas Drummer

Another episode from the Arkansas Hall Soundtrack, this one features the amazing percussive abilities of some of my hallmates when they get hold of some snare sticks whilst listening to loud music. Download Audio: Arkansas Drummer

That silly shipping commercial

I heard this on some shipping commercial a while back and knew it sounded oh so familiar. Then randomly hear my boss in the music library listening to it when I get to work today, so the mystery is solved. Enter Mendelssohn’s Symphony No.3, movement 2: Download Audio: It gets stuck in my head, too

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