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Arkansas Hall Soundtrack: Absolut Insanity

March 3, 2004

The dorm I lived in my freshman year of college was notorious for housing all the freshman riftraft and my hall on the third floor set that standard. Besides activities like room to room porn distribution (occasionally tacked up in the bathroom) and the infamous peanut butter shower bandit (don’t ask) it was usually chaotic and loud. That all the other people were very friendly and social didn’t help either. My roomate and I were both quiet computer geeks and mostly kept to ourselves, trying to either ignore or endure the chaos .

Eventually I decided that since the noise wasn’t going away, I might as well try to record some of it to enjoy for later. Unfortunately, I lost all the original .wavs so all I have left are poorly encoded .mp3s, but they still capture the moment well enough. This one is a recording of the general noise one could expect at any given time of the day or night, displaying the typical volume level of my oh so lovely neighbors.

Download Audio: Absolut Insanity