sub specie aeternitatis

All Moved In

August 17, 2005


You never really know how much junk you have until you move. It never looks like there is that much stuff stuffed in your home until you actually start taking everything out and putting it in boxes. But it is now semi-neatly in its place in the new apartment, and while things are still hectic what with getting settled in, I can finally relax for an evening. Now all I have to do is wait for the DSL to be set up, so I can get off of this accursed dial-up. Tabbed browsing loses its luster when your throughput drips instead of pours. I’ve found I can drive to the public library, download a large file, and drive back in much less time than it takes to download it via modem.

All in all, though, things are looking good. Grad school orientation starts Monday. mmmmmm. I love fresh starts.