sub specie aeternitatis

New Year: New Blog, New Projects

January 13, 2006

My first post for the new year is also the first post in several months. Whew! I seem to like this blogging thing in quick bursts. I’m posting regularly for a couple weeks, and then I get busy and neglet the site for a long dry spell. I have not been sitting idle, however, and I have one new project up and running, and 2 others in the works.

First, I’ve started a new blog specifically for audio: Okay, so maybe its not the best name, but I think its at least descriptive of the content that will go into the site. Instead of occasionally doing audio posts at this site, I’m going to be putting them at audiblepie so be sure to check out that site for interesting audio gems I dig up.

Second, I have two podcasts in the works. I hope (crosses fingers) to have both up by the first of next month. I’ll have more details on that later. In the meantime, happy new year.