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Miles Davis on a Quiet Night

June 16, 2006

Wow, been some time since I made any sort of post. Not that anyone reads the site anyways, but. . I just got home from work waiting tables at the Afghan restaurant downtown. Not a bad night. Kind of slow, but there were only three of us and Jason and Hamid left early, leaving me with more tables and $82. Like I said, not a bad night for the slower summer season. I’ve always loved listening to music late at night before I go to bed. In high school I would turn on my CD player and just dream of crazy things and adventures I would get into, some involving more realistic feats than others. Or perhaps I would think of the what my future might hold. So now I sit here, enjoying one of my favorite past times, with Chet Baker to keep me company. You know, its odd how sometimes I can put my entire music library on random and never find anything that fits a mood, and other times I’ll pop on something familiar and it will fit my mood perfectly. There’s just something completely relaxing about certain types of jazz. Some Miles Davis, Chet Baker, Coltrane to name a few. In fact, I think one of my favorite evening jazz pieces has to be Miles Davis’ Someday my Prince Will Come. I first really listened to that piece my freshman year in college and its rather stuck with me since. Miles’ solo and especially the piano solo I seem to never get tired of. And, just because this post seems to be rambling into nowhere, I think I’ll just post the entire song so you (if there is anybody out there actually reading this, that is) can take a listen. I recommend listening to it after dark while relaxing in your favorite chair with the lights dimmed low.

Download Audio: Miles Davis – Someday my Prince Will Come