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CCMixter Editors Pick

September 24, 2006

I was most pleasantly surprised to find my latest (or really first ever) remix of a track (this being Brad Suck’s Sick as a Dog) was an Editor’s pick. I must say, though, that I did spend a very great deal of time tweaking the track over a period of two weeks until I thought it was good enough to upload. And I have to thank Kevin at Echo Park for giving me some great pointers and his expert help in mixing the track. It’s amazing how much you can learn when you are face to face with someone with experience. Online tutorials are great and all, but nothing beats a real human being to pass on knowledge. Anyways, follow the link to go to the ccmixter page or just click play to listen.

Sick as a Dog (bs remix)

[audio:Brad Sucks – Sick as a Dog (bs remix).mp3]