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Japan Looking to Install 10Tbit Backbone

October 11, 2006

Oh, if only the following paragraph were describing broadband in the U.S

NTT says it needs to step up from its current DWDM backbone, which multiplexes 10-Gbit/s signals, to a 10-Tbit/s network that can support multiple 100-Gbit/s channels because “data traffic has been doubling every year due to the rapid spread of broadband access.” NTT says 10-Tbit/s transmission over a single fiber has so far been achieved in the lab.

Apparently, since Japan has been deploying extremely fast broadband down the last mile, their backbone has started becoming saturated with the extra use. I get promotions for SBC DSL at an amazing 6mpbs, and the Japanese are talking about updating their backbone because consumer’s 100mbit lines are straining the country’s pipes. So the next you get frustrated at uploading under 50kB/sec, just think about the Japanese upgrades to keep up with all those 100mbit lines. Gotta love broadband in the U.S.

NTT Plans 10 Tbits/sec Network