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What if Washington Viewed Global Warming in the Same Light

November 25, 2006

From this Slashdot post about ill effects of wi-fi waves comes this gem:

“Vivienne Baron, who is bringing up Sebastian, her ten-year-old grandson, said: ‘I did not want Sebastian exposed to a wireless computer network at school. No real evidence has been produced to prove that this new technology is safe in the long term. Until it is, I think we should take a precautionary approach and use cabled systems.'”

Wouldn’t it be great it the leaders in Washington took this approach with global warming? Even though there is hard evidence that something nasty is going on with our atmosphere and it is most likely due to human activities, wouldn’t it be smart to take a cautionary stance on the matter since being wrong means seriously bad consequences? Why not err on the side of caution? How much evidence do we need to have before we start changing our policies on the environment?  Just how much power does big oil have in Washington?