sub specie aeternitatis

Getting Into a Bad Routine

January 18, 2008

I realized today that I am getting back into my bad habit of working a lot and neglecting my other interests.  I am working quite a bit, but I still have enough time to accomplish some of the things I want done if only I forced myself to actually do them.  Monday through Friday I am at work by 10:30am, get a break from 3 to 4:15pm and then work until around 9:30 or so.  Well, with the exception of getting Thursday night off.  This is a bit of working, but I tend to use this as an excuse to not do anything when I am home and not working.  Gotta put a stop to that as soon as possible.

And one other thing I noticed this evening was that I haven’t been listening to much music lately.  As a matter of fact, I’ve hardly listened to music at all since I’ve started working so much.  I always had music on in the past and I wonder why I’ve let myself stop this so suddenly.  Is it because I’m using Ubuntu all the time and I don’t have my trusty Foobar around, or is it simply because I find myself tired and somewhat depressed often?  Good questions to ask myself, but for now I think I’ll just put on some Sibelius and aimlessly browse the intertubes.