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Random Recent Thoughts

January 17, 2008

Why is it so hard to get video to play reliably in Linux? I download some old TV shows to watch and they end up getting way out of sync after a while.

If you are at a restaurant late, and everyone else leaves and you are the only one still there and the staff is resetting the place up for lunch the next day, wouldn’t you think you might feel just a LITTLE bit like you should probably leave? I know I am a server and I get paid to serve you food and all, but once you finish eating and your server is just sitting there reading a book waiting for you to go home so he can go home too, maybe that’s your clue to GO AWAY!

I want a nice big snow. None of this half inch and then melts in the afternoon crap. I want several inches of snow within a nice cold week so I can enjoy the wintery weather besides just being cold as hell when I ride my scooter to work. If I had to move from Miami back here, then why not get something nice in return?

Why do I get the feeling this is the start of something bad? And I still can’t figure out why the Japanese can buy a 100mbit fiber connection and we can’t seem to manage to sell 10 meg pipes without reverting to this type of thing. Somebody please fill me in? Please?

Having to try giving pills to Meow instead of a liquid (for her upper respiratory infection) is no fun. I always wrap her in this big green towel so she can’t get away as we attempt to pry open her mouth and shove a pill down her throat. It’s really not as terrible as it sounds, honest, but regardless it isn’t a whole heap o’ fun for her or us.

I miss not being in school (again)