sub specie aeternitatis

Another Semester in the Bag

December 16, 2008

Two hours and 15 minutes after starting there were still at least 18 people (including myself) still working on our computer science final.  As was the case with the mid-term I found myself really starting to get into the groove after 2 hours of work and wished I had had at least 30 more minutes to continue working.  Alas, we were left frantically uploading our final to the school’s server lest we not get any credit.  I wonder: if 90% of your students don’t finish the final exam, are your students unprepared or is the test too difficult?  Or maybe a little of both?

I wonder how I’ll fare grade wise.  Only one of my procedures was working as required.  Two others looked to me as if they should have been working, but I couldn’t debug them into working order.  Another I didn’t even try to touch after the initial coding because my answer was too complicated and my knowledge of the procedures involved too lacking.  The last part of the last problem was incomplete not from lack of coding skill but lack of problem solving skill as I could not figure out what, precisely, the question was asking me to do.

But it’s over now.  No more C211 and it’s lovely Scheme to wrangle.  Java and Calculus II await me next semester.  Oh, and working 40+ hours/week.  Gonna be a busy semester.