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Why Can’t People Just Worry About Themselves?

February 21, 2009

I work in the main library as a computer consultant Saturday mornings at 8am.  This part of the library is open 24 hours/day (and is 95% a huge computer lab), which is great for the few souls who want to study at such odd times.  Mostly it’s empty though, which I like because that means I get more done on the computer (read: computer science assignments) than I would working a normal shift where I get question after question.

This morning is a dead as always.  I am counting about 4 people I can see (there are hundreds in here on a busy evening) and it’s wonderfully quiet.  But 1 of those four people came up to my co worker not to ask a computer or even general library question.  He came to complain that there were people sleeping in the lobby of the library.  And he was completely serious too!  I cannot fathom why anyone, and I mean anyone, could possibly be offended by a few exchausted students catching a few zzzs after pulling an all nighter.  In the lobby.  200 feet away outside the door in a place you cannot see them.  It’s jerks like this guy that make places come up with absurd policies which, if they can even be enforced at all, are almost embarassing to enforce from the workers point of view.  We actually have a no sleeping policy on the floor where I am working.  If I see somebody asleep I am supposed to go wake them up and tell them to do their sleeping elsewhere.  O.K, so if it’s peak time and somebody is taking up a table, snoring loudly while a group is waiting to do academic work, then of course I will wake them up and tell them to leave.  But on a dead quiet Saturday morning?  I said there were 4 people I could see.  Actually, there are 6 people, 2 of which are sleeping peacefully on couches.  I have no intention of waking them up.  I don’t know why they don’t go home to sleep, but if they want to crash here I don’t care because they aren’t bothering anybody.  In fact I like them much more than Mr. Complainy Pants over here because they are keeping the peace, while uptight assface disturbs the peace by loudly complaining about the quiet sleepers.

Some people need to chill out.  Take a deep breath and realize that the world is filled with things and people they may not like.  Just because someone behaves differently or chooses different lifestyles doesn’t mean the sky is falling.