sub specie aeternitatis

Just Because I Needed to Post Something

April 16, 2009

Warning:  Random Rant Ahead:

Still cool this morning.  As I got out of bed this morning and was fumbling around in the dark to turn on the light and put on some clothes I continued the conversation I’ve been having with myself every morning for the last few weeks:  I can’t wait until I get out of bed and don’t feel chilled!  (and yes, you know this will be a really exciting post if I start with the weather).  If there was one thing I really loved about living in Miami, it was the warmer all round weather.  It got below zero several times this winter; in Miami it’s rare to get below freezing.

Every time I think I am determined to quit waiting tables, I have a great week.  Last week I consistently make over $20/hour.  In cash.  After taxes.  If I could take a full load of classes, stay home and study all day, and even get a chance to relax occasionally while still paying bills, man would I do that in a heartbeat.  Alas, in order to live in a decent place provided with power, water, sewage, internet, television, and places to store extra crap I don’t need, I must give the providers of said provisions some money.  And unless I win a very large sum of money, inherit a large sum of money, am given a large sum of money, or go waaaaaaay into debt, I’ll have to keep trading my time for it.  But you know something?  After waiting tables for a little over 3 years, I’ve finally reached the point where I’m good enough at it that the job isn’t terribly difficult anymore.  Sure you still have those crazy busy nights where there are so many things backed up on your immediate to do list that your frantic meter starts going off the scale.  But overall, the amount of brain power I use to do my job is now quite low.  Which also, in itself, bugs me.  I shouldn’t be getting better at waiting tables!  I should be getter better at a career job by now.  But no, I have to remind myself.  I chose a different path in life and my path doens’t have me in a career at 26 yet.  Hopefully by the time I’m 30, then I’ll be working at getting better at my then job.  On the other hand, I suppose becoming proficient at waiting tables is better than getting good at some menial, repetitive manual job.  Juggling multiple tables and their food and drink requests is a good memory workout.  The guy in the booth at table 12 is drinking a cab, while his wife needs a refill on her merlot, the kid at 33 needs another Sprite, and a new fork to replace the one he just dropped on the ground while at the same time the order for 13 is ready and I need to bring some cream for the couple’s coffee at 10 before the old lady gets even grumpier.  And at least I get a decent return for my time.  Some nights I work really hard, but when I come home with $160 or more, I suppose it’s worth it for right now.

Speaking of working hard, I should stop writing random thoughts and get back to debugging my final project in java.