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No, We are Not Open

July 8, 2009

Image you go downtown to a restaurant.  It is 4:30.  When you get to the restaurant, their open sign sign off.  You ignore that and see if the door is open.  It is, so you go in.  But when you walk inside you notice the lights are turned off and nobody is in the restaurant.  The only light coming into the dining room is from the front windows and a tiny light from the back of the place, perhaps the kitchen.  Do you:

A)  Assume that since the open sign is not on, there is nobod around, and the dining room is completely dark, that the place is probably closed and you might want to try back later.


B)  Walk in through the completely dark dining room, glance around the back of the restaurant and notice there is nobody there either, then proceed to walk into the kitchen and find somebody in nicer waiter clothes who is helping to prepare salad, walk up to him and ask if the restaurant is open.

Seriously, why are some people so stupid?  This was yesterday as I was just starting prep work for the evening.  True, the owner needs to put the restaurant hours on the door somehwere (they used to be there but got taken down for some reason), but why on earth would you walk into the kitchen and ask if we’re open?  I really, really wanted to scream something like “Does it @#&*$#@ look like we’re open?!”  But I calmly said “No sir, we do not open for another 30 minutes”.  Then he asks if he and his wife can sit in the dining room in the meantime.  The completely dark dining room in which nothing is yet set up for dinner.  “No sir,” I have to reply again.  “We are not ready for customers yet.  I will be glad to seat you when we’re ready”.  I knew I should have made sure the front door was locked.  I swear, people think that showing up at a restaurant means they have a right to be served food right that instant in the exact manner they chose.  Yes, we’re a restaurant and our business is to serve you how you like.  But it doesn’t mean you can show up whenever you want and demand service.  Same thing goes at the other end of the evening.  We close at 9pm.  You show up at 8:59.  This isn’t like catching a train.  You don’t make it ‘just in time’.  So if I tell you we’re closed, please don’t act all indignant as if I’ve personally wronged you.  Most days I haven’t seen my wife since 7:30am.  I’m tired, cranky, and ready to go home, I don’t want to sit around for at least an extra hour so you can yap to your friends and tip me 10%.