sub specie aeternitatis

This is why I don’t have any kids (yet?)

Japan = Good Japanese Food = Very Good Japanese People = Mostly Good Japanese niece crying for her okasan (mother) = Not So Very Good Download Audio: Ryoko Crying

Noodle Soup Restaurant

I have a few more recordings I made while in Japan this last summer I haven’t posted yet. This one is from a noodle soup restaurant right next to Omiya station (in Saitama prefecture), which had wonderful cuisine. The calls you hear are from the employees welcoming new guests into the restaurant, or saying bye, […]


My wife’s parents haven’t slept in the same room in years and years. One listen to this recording and you know why. Download Audio: Snoring

Shakuhachi Practice

While taking a walk one afternoon, I heard somebody practicing a shakuhachi, the Japanese traditional bamboo flute. My wife said that she has never heard somebody just practicing this instrument, so it must a have been a stroke of good luck to be passing just as someone was practicing. Unfortunately, as you might guess, it […]

Train Arrival

This was recorded downstairs at Omiya Station. You hear the train station chime, followed by a bit of silence, then the arrival of a train. Suprisingly enough, there are a good number of people present in the train station in this recording, but most of them are very quiet. This was close to peak traveling […]

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