sub specie aeternitatis

Little Dog, Big Bark

My wife and I live close to campus and we often walk there together for various events (especially since my wife is still a student there for graduate studies). The closest route there is down Robins Street, a rather busy street populated by many noisy and ever so annoying dogs. One in particular is a […]

Sprinkler, not rain

On the same walk I witnessed the sick squirrel, I recorded today’s sound byte of a sprinkler in somebody’s yard. Although it does sound mostly like rain, it was only the sprinkler hitting the trees, sidewalk, and plants. And lest we forget we live in an ever more populated world, you can hear the slightest […]

Sick Squirrel

Walking about at 7 this morning, I heard this awful screeching sound coming from a tree by the road. Looking up, I saw a lone squirrel sitting on one branch just making this horrible barking like noise over and over and over. There had to have been something wrong with the poor fellow because I […]

Bells, bugs, and air conditioning

It is still peaceful at UCA since students haven’t arrived yet. I was there close to 8pm and the evening bugs were starting their song, along with the constant drone of the huge air conditioners. In this recording the bugs and air conditioning take center stage, while the clock chimes 8pm in the background. UCA […]

Thunder, no rain

Enjoyed a cool evening with a slew of lightning strikes 2 nights ago, although there was no rain or actual storm. I went outside with my recording equipment to try to record some thunder, but it was infrequent and the wind was picking up, making recording outside difficult. From what I did get, this snipit […]

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