sub specie aeternitatis

Self Checkout

Here’s the problem with the self checkout lane at Wal-Mart: they’re slow and inefficient. Scan an item, put it in the bag, wait for it to weigh and verify the item, scan another item. Unless the weight is just ever so sliiiightly off, then its ‘please wait, assistance is on the way’. And don’t even […]

Wind Chimes and Birds (plus a lil’ dash o’ doggie)

The neighbor in my duplex has 2 sets of windchimes hanging beside her door (and mine), and I’ve always loved to listen to a set of windchimes with a slight breeze in a quiet neighborhood. Although our’s isn’t always such a peaceful place, the day I recorded this it was, and there were even a […]

Yet more Birds

What can I say? More recordings of birds, this time in a park near my wife’s parent’s house. Download Audio: More Birds in the Park

Birds in the Morning

Visited my grandmother this past week in southern Indiana. She was recently diagnosed with Parkinson disease and is thinking of moving out of the house she has lived in the last 50 odd years. It is secluded out in the country somewhat, and refreshing to not hear the noise pollution I’m used to. This is […]

Ice Cream Time

It’s that time of year again. Time for all the little children to go running for money as soon as they hear the melody of the ice cream truck. This one stopped right in front of my house for a few minutes and I managed to get (a rather poor) recording of it. One thing […]

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