sub specie aeternitatis

Digital Soundscape

From the Computer Music Journal: Published continuously since 1977, Computer Music Journal (CMJ) is a quarterly journal that covers a wide range of topics related to digital audio signal processing and electroacoustic music. It is published (in hard copy and on-line) by MIT Press. The people invovled with this journal know oodles about the creation […]

Noise Pollution

The town I live in is growing rapidly, which is an all too common occurance in cities around America. Everyone always complains about traffic congestion, and the solution always seems to be to build more, and bigger roads. Sometimes we fail to stop and realize just how much noise pollution we make with our precious […]

The Birds

Whenever it starts getting warmer towards spring, or colder towards winter, hoards of birds start migrating around. The big flocks of black birds, or whatever kind of birds they are, usually annoy people (especially homeowners) because of the way the kind of take over their yards. There is a little bit of wooded area behind […]

Night in July

It’s nice to remind yourself what the other side of the weather seasons sound like once in a while. This is a clip of the sound outside my apartment recorded last July. The interstate, of course, permeates all sound within several miles around it so just pardon the highway noise. Download Audio: Night in July

Walmart Ambience

This is a quick clip I recorded on a trip to Wal-Mart a while back. This was before they installed those damn automatic checkout lanes that won’t ever shut up. So no self checkout voices, just regular old beepity beeps from the checkout lanes. Download Audio: Walmart Ambience

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