sub specie aeternitatis

My newest project: Life Begins @ 26

I recently decided to go after a different major, computer science.  This was the result of much soul searching and a decision to try to do things differently in my life.  I have started a new project to chronicle my struggle with my personal development and my desire to make a better life for myself.  […]

New Comment Captcha

Ah, the joys of comment spam.  In an effort to prevent me having to keep marking comments as spam, I’m trying out a simple captcha plugin for wordpress:  Did you Pass Math? I do find it amusing how I have practically no human visitors to my site but spam bots manage to find me just […]

Amy Winehouse

Discovered Amy Winehouse tonight. I like it.


So I thought I’d create my own tumblr site: 631

Damn, I’ve got it good

Watching something like this documentary makes you realize how good it is to not live in hell. Did you know that in North Korea that when someone breaks a law, his entire family including 3 following generations are punished by being sent to prison camps? And did you know that in these prison camps they […]

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