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Ben’s Abadonware Collection

I was thinking of games I used to play on my 286 and 486 this afternoon and decided to go looking for some of them. If you want to play these games, you will most likely need to use a program called DOSBox, which is an x86 emulator. It is available for Windows, Mac, and […]

Top 17 List of Pictures of Concrete Blocks! (extra platinum edition!!)

What is it with arbitrary lists of best games, best websites, ultimate guides of supremeness, and any other random list of things a blogger pulls out of his ass that are so popular on Digg? These lists are news worthy and/or highly entertaining? They must be, since they get thousands of diggs. So, keeping in […]

Spectrum Analysis is Back

So after 10 months of inactivity, I’m going to try to start my podcast, Spectrum Analysis back up. So go check it out.

Windows EULA: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Mr. Laporte and Mr. Thurrott, I couldn’t agree more: [audio:ww3.mp3]

For the 100th Time, Digital Piracy is NOT the Same as Shoplifting

Charles Cooper, in his latest opinion piece on, argues that the U.S isn’t doing enough to protect companie’s intellectual property in regards to web 2.0. Sites such as Google News and Youtube are successful because they reuse other’s property in a way profitable for themselves. While I agree that creators should be fairly compensated […]

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