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Creative Commons Mashups and A Letter From Iraq

A great read posted on Time’s website from a soldier in Iraq.  I wish there were more reports like this one from Iraq in the main stream media. The Secret Letter From Iraq And it’s good to see yet another creative site based on creative commons: Splice

Waiting for an Anti-Youtube Law

With the proliferation of video streaming sites such as Youtube, Metacafe, and Dailymotion, sites are popping up that allow users to watch entire seasons of television shows directly from their websites by linking to the full videos hosted on the video sites. Wanna watch all 18 seasons of the simpsons without downloading anything? How about […]

Who needs and iPod or Zune? I Want a Net Connected Media Player

Microsoft has a new mp3 player, the Zune. People debate if it can be a real iPod killer. I don’t frankly care. The Zune, the iPod, and every other mp3 player out there are all basically the same thing: mp3 playing software attached to a storage device (flash or hard drive). True, they are an […]

MySlax Creator – Howto Install Slax to a USB Drive

Update 4-20-09: This post is old and outdated.  A newer version of MySlax Creator is here. I spent a great deal of time (and to no avail) yesterday trying to get Kubuntu installed on my USB key. I found a few forum posts at the Ubuntu forums explaining how it was done, but, what with […]

Kid Koala, Sweet Animation and Turntablism

[youtube lxhk-cWQbrs]

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