sub specie aeternitatis

Is My Personal Project Worth Doing?

Almost 3 months ago, I started a new project I call Miles Chat. I run a home server, named Miles, and on this server I had been using an open source chat application called Ajax Chat, for a user base of 2. It served its purpose for us (my friend and I), but I wanted […]

Starting a Programming Project

After surviving a semester of C212 and java, I decided to embark on my own software project this summer.  Mainly a learning project, I’m doing it in Java because it’s either that or Scheme (which I learned in my first semester, C212).  It’s aim is to solve a personal itch for something I want my […]

From Violin to Saxophone to. . Python?

If I had asked myself 10 years ago where I thought I’d be today, starting over on in new field would not have been a possibility.  I would be somewhere in some sort of paying gig doing something with music.  My 17 year old self wasn’t sure what he wanted exactly, but knew that he […]