sub specie aeternitatis

Bagpipe Anyone?

Yeah, thought so [audio:bpipe.mp3]

Why Can’t I Get These Speeds at Home?

I was wanting to back up some field recordings I did onto my web server. These are uncompressed wavs, very big and would take AGES to upload at home with Comcast. Luckily, Indiana University is faster. Much, much, faster. So fast, in fact, that they make my Comcast connection feel worthless. I was uploading 5 […]

Stop! It’s Mahler Time

Time for some Mahler methinks.  A short excerpt from his second symphony [audio:mahler2.mp3]

Comcast Needs to Update Their Infrastructure, Not Limit Their Customers

Comcast was big news recently.  They announced that all of their broadband customers were now under a monthly cap of 250 GB.  Supposedly, this cap was already in place but was not clearly stated and anyone going over this cap would have had their service disconnected without realizing that they have reached the cap.  (Whew! […]

Respighi Notturno

In all my years of music and even my two semesters of music history in undergraduate, the only mention I ever heard of Mr. Respighi was when a student asked if she could do her term paper on him and the teacher said doing a paper on him was not recommended because most of the […]

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