sub specie aeternitatis

A Post Created by Voice Recognition

Let me test this out and see if it works.  It is rather strange to dictate the text instead of typing it.  In fact it’s rather frustrating at the moment because every single sentence I speak I have to correct.  And unlike talking to yourself out loud it’s hard to say exactly what you want […]

More Stressful Rides Home and DVDs

The students have all returned to IU.  And now I find my rides home from work on my scooter much more stressful.  I wonder what it is about a guy on a scooter that requires the drunk college guys to yell things like ‘nice bike’, or ‘yeah!!’ or ‘nice ride’ in very loud, drunken voices […]

And The Tables Keep Coming

I wonder how much longer I’ll be waiting tables.  I’ve started working towards a degree in computers science and the idea is that some day I’ll actually have a real job.  One where I can work during the day.  It really would be nice to have every evening to myself and not dedicated to serving […]

My newest project: Life Begins @ 26

I recently decided to go after a different major, computer science.  This was the result of much soul searching and a decision to try to do things differently in my life.  I have started a new project to chronicle my struggle with my personal development and my desire to make a better life for myself.  […]

New Projects, Upcoming Semester

Whew!  Finally finished the intense summer session of Calculus I.  I was completely unprepared for what I getting into.  And the final grade shows, a C+.  Damn, but I haven’t received a C in a class since my one bad semester in undergraduate at UCA.  Ah well.  Nothing I can do except work twice as […]

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