sub specie aeternitatis

Romeo and Juliet Parting

Yeah so maybe it’s not the most manly of post titles, but it’s still a beautiful piece.  (or in this case, excerpt from a Prokofiev piano piece. [audio:prokov.mp3]

Vista Voice Recognition

The built in voice recognition in Windows Vista is more impressive than I was expecting but still too dissapointing to be of a real value.  Trying to capture a train of thought works terribly unwell with current speech recognition so unless you need to dictate an already written paper (which it works quite well for) […]


I believe this morning requires some Ratatat: [audio:Nostrand.mp3]

Too Stinky to Eat

It was dead at the restaurant last night.  So dead that by 7:45 everyone had left and we had an empty dinning room (a rarity).  Shortly after the place had cleared out, a couple comes in with their child.  I tell them they are welcome to sit anywhere they like and they being scanning the […]

Ashokan in My Head

I’ve always wondered why the most seemingly random music will pop into your head at the oddest times. I woke up with this tune playing on repeat this morning and as a remedy I thought I should find the actual song and listen to it. I should be grateful, though, that I didn’t get a […]

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