sub specie aeternitatis

Calculus Tests and Broken Audio Hardware

Just finished with Calculus test number 2. I know I missed at least 5 points, probably more. Overall, I think I did O.K, but at this point I’m hoping for a B really. An A would be fantastic, but, hey, at least a b would be acceptable I suppose. And I do like the computer […]

Uchida and Beethoven for a Rainy Day

Enjoying some Beethoven op.109 performed by Mitsuko Uchida on this rainy afternoon. Fits the bill perfectly. [audio:op109_3.mp3]

Williams, AZ

Sitting in my hotel room at the Super 8 in Williams, AZ, which is where we are staying to go visit the grand canyon tomorrow.  Hotel is clean enough, I suppose, but to any future travelers to Williams, Arizona, you should ask to stay on the top floor.  The building is quite old and we […]

The Weeping of Grown Men

Our apartment, as I have mentioned before, is old and features insulation that seems to allow more noise in than it does keep out. Directly above our bedroom is the bedroom of one of our upstairs neighbors, a college girl. When we first moved in we noticed that we could hear the floor squeaking as […]

Artificial Scarcity

My wife has to do a presentation on Brahms’ second piano concerto. We were both in the music library yesterday looking up books for her research, and we were using the standard online catalog search. I soon realized that while it could turn up the plethora of books on Brahms in general, it wasn’t so […]

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