sub specie aeternitatis

Long Day, But Good

I finally get back home from work after leaving around 10:30 this morning.  I get home at 11:30pm.  13 hours of work total, and around $200 to show for it.  So that’s, what, actually only $15/hour.  Which is really not that great compared to what I have gotten in the past.  It didn’t help that […]

Dream Diary: 2-13-08

My dream was quite a bit longer than I remember.  But before the very last, very vivid, part I just remember tiny blips.  Something about being in the IU music building at some strange practice rooms.  Telling somebody that I knew where Neriki’s office was.  And some other random visual flashes that I can’t translate […]

Adventures of Lolo

Please, please, please stop playing over and over in my head! [audio:lolo2.mp3]

Why Can’t All Days Be Like That?

Yesterday was my best day ever waiting tables. Went home at the end of the day with $210. Not too shabby for 9 hours of work. Or at least not too shabby for someone who isn’t quite as far in life as to have a nice, stable full time job. For now I suppose I […]

Space Art – Axius, from Onyx

Ah, the simple pleasures of 70’s synth music. I found this via Anthology Recordings, which I found via a short article in Wired magazine. After a full day of studying Beethoven symphonies to help my wife prepare for her symphonic literature class, it’s nice to put on some music I don’t have to think so […]

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