sub specie aeternitatis

2 more semesters to go?

Today was the end of the the first summer session, which had me taking one class, an intro to C/Unix.  A lot was familiar (on the unix side), a greater deal not (I’m looking at you, malloc and pointers!).  A 2 week break, and back to the grindstone with another CS class (PHP, hopefully should […]

Starting (yet another) Semester

Starting Fall 2010 semester at IU.  10 years ago this time I was entering my freshman year of undergraduate at UCA.  In the meantime I’ve gotten 1 undergraduate degree and started (but not finished) 2 masters degrees.  How time flies.  Wonder if I’ll ever finish school?


I got tired of seeing the previous post messing up my frontpage in Chrome.  Looked fine in Firefox and even IE, wonder why Chrome was messing it up. So here it is, a brand new post for December right after the first snow of the year.  I could lose the cold weather but I still […]

How to Print a Giant Google Map

  I love maps, especially really huge maps that you see in public places like a metro station or museum.  I wanted one for my place and after some work, printed out a giant map of Tokyo that covers the entirety of one of my walls.  Luckily I have access to the laser printers at […]

No More TV for Me

My wife and I decided to get rid of our cable.  Actually it was more of my wife’s decision than mine.  Looking for ways to spend less money every month, our $35 we were giving to Comcast for a bucket of programming we almost never watched seemed a good candidate for the ax.  I haven’t […]

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