sub specie aeternitatis

Dream 9/30/09

From what I remember: Wife and I are on a vacation to Mexico.  We meet another couple we know.  We say hello, pleasantries and all that, then go different ways.  The city we are in has a very carnival atmosphere, only a Mexican carnival (whatever that means).  We meet the same couple again, decide to […]

You Know You Job Sucks When. .

If you clock out early, and by early I mean anywhere from 45 to 2 seconds early, and your boss not only cares but sends you an email and gives you a "personal development issue", then you know your job sucks.  Observe:   Hi Ben, It looks like you clocked out early (but within the […]

You Get it 10 Minutes Too Late

Had a linear algebra exam this morning.  I was doing well up to the last problem when I got stuck.  You’ve had that happen haven’t you?  Something gets stuck in the cogs in your brain and higher order thinking grinds to a halt.  You see the page, you are aware of the problem and you […]

Random Things I’ve Been up to Lately

Learning how to invert Matrices and having fun with reduced echelon form. Expanding my classical music collection and attempting to correctly tag all the files.  I’m now re ripping my CDs to FLAC.  Hard drive space is cheap and expansive, why not have a bit for bit copy of the CD? Still driving my little […]

An Email from Xander, Monday, February 11, 2002 9:36:20 PM

Why is the tummy a yummy bo bummy? B/c I’m a yummy MO MUMMY!!! MRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAR! done is my man who forgets how to slam! when he will find its to stick and to kind? and blow me out of my mind? for hot is saucey for the tomaterz! I am sooooo bakedified if I forget […]

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