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Getting Splashed with Water Whilst Driving a Scooter = Not so Fun

Restaurant was slow last night and I managed to take off at 8:30.  It was nice weather, still bright, and I was heading home in a good mood.  As I turned off 7th street in a quiet residential neighborhood just east of campus I saw a curly haired, young, unintelligent looking college boy moving towards […]

Can You Create a Good Employee with Good Rules?

I work around 12 hours a week for TCC (Technology Computer Consultants) , which used to be STC (Student Technology Consultant), which is part of UITS (University Information Technology Services).   Despite having the illustrious title of technology consultant what I really do is sit in a computer lab on campus to make sure things aren’t […]

Thank You for Spreading Your Disease

Hamid goes to pick up his wife, who is returning from a trip to Sweden, at the airport.  She is sick.  High fever, muscle aches, weakness, loss of appetite.  He is happy she is home but worried about taking care of her and their two small children.  Two days later, Hamid reports that he is […]

Starting a Programming Project

After surviving a semester of C212 and java, I decided to embark on my own software project this summer.  Mainly a learning project, I’m doing it in Java because it’s either that or Scheme (which I learned in my first semester, C212).  It’s aim is to solve a personal itch for something I want my […]

Fanfare Deluxe

With the touch of a finger. . . [audio:fanfare.mp3]

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