sub specie aeternitatis

Noisy Serenity

One of the most serene places I visited in Japan was Engakuji (yup, more temples). The grounds gradually slope up a hillside, and the top area is surrounded by tall tress on three sides. But just like photography, recording memorable sounds is not always as simple as pushing record. While I was at the highest […]

Temple at Asakusa

This next recording from my trip to Japan was recorded at the Buddhist temple at Asakusa (pictures, info). This is a large tourist attraction, and when I went was bustling with people. This particular recording was taken at the front part of the temple, and in it you hear people throwing coins into the osaisen, […]

Kamakura Station

I finally have access to an MD player so I can now start putting up some audio of the trip I just made to Japan. More will follow so check back later. I have also created a new catagory for audio from the trip, simply labeled Japan. This first sound byte is from a busy […]

Book club

I inadvertently left the CD with my Japan pictures on it at my parents house. woops. Guess I’ll have to post some of them later. But on a completely unrelated note, this is rather funny.

Nihon de

I’m typing this from a Cyber Cafe in Tokyo. The Japanese keyboards are much different from their American counterparts in that that have extra keys for symbols and such, which makes it quite difficult to type in English. I’ve already recorded some interesting sounds since arriving in Japan last night, but I don’t have a […]

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