sub specie aeternitatis

Troubles n’ Travels

I have been having trouble with my email accounts since the server switch, so your mail may or may not get to my account for a little while. My wife and I have been moving to a new apartment and getting ready for our trip to Japan, so things have been a little hectic lately. […]

Wedding Bells

Getting married today. (insert mushy romantic excerpt here) No big fancy wedding. Just my parents, little brother and her parents are here from Japan. Should be interesting to have her parents and mine meet since my parents speak no Japanese and her parents know zero english.

Ice Cream Time

It’s that time of year again. Time for all the little children to go running for money as soon as they hear the melody of the ice cream truck. This one stopped right in front of my house for a few minutes and I managed to get (a rather poor) recording of it. One thing […]

Audio Filter Intro

In an attempt to educate myself on all things electroacoustic, I have been scrounging around for various sources of knowledge and studying them. Since the internet is full of curious people who happen upon little known places randomly, I thought I might reciprocate some of this knowledge. Please understand I am NOT an expert on […]

Moving Time

If you are seeing this msg, it means that has successfully moved hosting servers to Pair networks. Although I get minor traffic, it should still be more reliable and faster than my previous host.

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