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You gotta start somewhere

Hollywood has never been known for its accurate representation of reality, and one area especially it never gets right is the realm of the school band. Even more popular movies such as Mr. Holland’s Opus feature phenomenal musicians compared to the reality of what a school band typically sounds like. For those of you who […]

Schoolbus on a walk

It has been absolutely gourgeous the last few days. I took my MD on a walk the other day just for the heck of it. While I was walking around my apt. I happened to walk by the office just as the schoolbus was dropping off kids. This is a snapshot of my walk by […]

Arkansas Hall Soundtrack: Absolut Insanity

The dorm I lived in my freshman year of college was notorious for housing all the freshman riftraft and my hall on the third floor set that standard. Besides activities like room to room porn distribution (occasionally tacked up in the bathroom) and the infamous peanut butter shower bandit (don’t ask) it was usually chaotic […]

Outside the Student Center

It was beautiful weather this afternoon. And despite our reliance on technology and the comforts of conditioned air, there is nothing quite like nice weather to refresh yourself. This was the sound outside the university student center on a simply gorgeous day. Download Audio: Outside Student Center

Those pesky rack mount rectifiers

When I had a problem with my water meter a few months back, I learned two things: 1. All the meters in my apartment complex communicate the water data to a main server in the office via a 900mhz connnection. How this doesn’t interfere with cordless phones I have no idea. Also, it does this […]

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