sub specie aeternitatis

No Google, That’s Not What I Meant

Auto-Tune the News

Just Because I Needed to Post Something

Warning:  Random Rant Ahead: Still cool this morning.  As I got out of bed this morning and was fumbling around in the dark to turn on the light and put on some clothes I continued the conversation I’ve been having with myself every morning for the last few weeks:  I can’t wait until I get […]

I Don’t Even Know How to Say Their Name

Discovered a group called Slagsmålsklubben recently.  I’ve been playing this one over a quite a few times. [audio:spd.mp3]

Download Kutiman Thru You

If you haven’t heard/seen the incredibly fantastic Youtube musical mashup created by Kutiman, you need to go watch it right now.  To get the full effect you really need to watch the videos.  If you’ve already seen it and want to pop that awesomeness onto your mp3 player, then you can download the whole set […]

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