sub specie aeternitatis

I Know This is True from Experience

Serge Lang, a math professor at Yale, used to give his Calculus students a fairly simple algebra problem on the first day of classes, one which almost everyone could solve, but some of them solved it as quickly as they could write while others took a while, and Professor Lang claimed that all of the […]

Unusually in a Copland Mood

Don’t listen to Copland very often.  In fact his music can be a little, shall we say, hokey, even at the best of times.  But this one is a fun little one for this afternoon. [audio:copl.mp3]

Learning Without Doing

From The Brain that Changes Itself, a fascinating book about brain plasticity: He would study the way thoughts change the brain by using TMS to observe changes in the finger maps of people learning to play the piano.  One of Pascual-Leone’s heroes, the great Spanish neuroanatamist and Nobel laureate Santiago Ramon y Cajal, who spent […]

Why Can’t People Just Worry About Themselves?

I work in the main library as a computer consultant Saturday mornings at 8am.  This part of the library is open 24 hours/day (and is 95% a huge computer lab), which is great for the few souls who want to study at such odd times.  Mostly it’s empty though, which I like because that means […]

Heidi Klum is my Mother, Apparently

You can’t help but wonder sometimes, do my dreams mean something?  Some dreams have apparent meaning in relation to something in your life yet others seem to come straight from bizzaro land.  But do those bizzaro land dreams have some sort of hidden meaning?  Is your brain trying to process some subconscious memory?  I wish […]

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